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Corporate Culture 
Participation—United Team Work, Responsible Ownership
Development—Develop New Product, Cultivate New Field, Update Product Technology
Improvement—Upgrade Company Brand by Participation and Development, Raise Employee Welfare and Treatment.
Culture Idea
Innovation—Prosperity Requires Innovation
Competition—Swift like Lightning, Sharp like Sword, Strong like Tsunami
Market—Develop Market, Bring about Demand, Create Opportunity, Produce Value
Management—Listen with Heart, Communicate with Emotions, More Friendliness, More Communication
Product—Exist for Market, Produce for Market, Develop for Market, Create for Market
Service—Move People with Sincerity, Conquer Heart of Every One
Cooperation—More Partners, Less Competitors, More Friends, Be Wholehearted First
Pursue Brilliance Endlessly
Here the employees are encouraged to have dedication spirit. The “Pursue Brilliance” is actually an extension of our past spirit of “Hard-working”, which inspires us to pursue a higher work target, undertake responsibilities bravely, acquire better working skills and cultivate a kind of down-to-earth and excellent work style. The spirit contributed much to our past successful development, and constitutes an important foundation which will guarantee our future successes. The spirit of pursuit is a kind of responsibility and progress, constant improvement in work and meticulosity, and total dedication to company and strict self-discipline. Only employees with spirit of “Pursue Brilliance” can be entrusted with important posts.
Business Philosophy
The competition among enterprises is actually a kind of talent competition. The survival and development of the enterprise depend much on the joint efforts of our staff, so the enterprise has the responsibility to satisfy the mental and physical requirements of our employees and create favorable conditions for them to realize their value, and offers opportunities for their personal development and success to realize their career pursuit.

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